The "Goodbye Dance" is an instrumental song that was sound in the credits of some videos like Wake Up Jeff!.

Transcript from Wake Up Jeff 1996Edit

Anthony: Well, Jeff must be having a really good dream. He's still asleep.

Murray: It's time for us to go now.

Greg: So why don't we all do a goodbye dance and we'll see if that wakes Jeff up?

Anthony, Greg and Murray: Goodbye.

(Anthony holds Jeff's hand to wave goodbye. The Wiggles, their Wiggle Friends and the kids dance while the instrumental music for "Christmas Picnic" plays.)

Everybody: (after the credits) WAKE UP JEFF!

(Jeff wakes up and laughs happily.)

Videos with Goodbye DancesEdit

Big Red Car - For the Goodbye Dance, the back music heard on the credits was Henry's Dance.

Wake Up Jeff!- The backing track for the goodbye dance would later be used for the Christmas Picnic song. The goodbye song is used to wake up Jeff.

Let's Wiggle - The Wiggles and their friends chase either Captain or Wags and the backing track is "The Chase"

The Wiggles: Live at Disneyland - This is the only episode without a chase. The Wiggles are dancing around while "Get Ready to Wiggle" plays in the background.