The sunny day to wear a hat on your head in Big Red Car.

"Hat On My Head" is a song about wearing a hat on your head.

This song is adapted from a Cockroaches song called "Out Of My Head" from their Fingertips album.


Greg: We're trying on different hats. When I go out in the sun, I put my sun hat on my head.

Murray: I wear this hat when I'm fishing. Oh, I think I caught one! (makes grunting sound)

Jeff: Whoa! This is the hat I wear when I'm riding my horse. Giddy up!

Anthony: I wear my feather bonnet when I play the bagpipes. (plays "Di Dicki Do Dum" on the bagpipes)

Greg: Here's a song about wearing your hat on your head.

Murray & Jeff: What?

Greg: I said here's a song about wearing your hat on your head!

Anthony: Why are you shouting, Greg?

Murray: Huh?

Song LyricsEdit

(Music starts)

Hat on my head

It's sunny today

Got my hat on my head, it's sunny today

I'll be okay

I put my raincoat on

(Raincoat on)

It's starting to rain

(Starting to rain)

Put my raincoat on, it's starting to rain

I'll be okay

Greg: Oh, it looks like the rain is stopping. Hey, the sun's coming out from behind that cloud! I'd better take this raincoat off but I won't need it anymore.

I'll take my raincoat off

(Raincoat off)

It's sunny again

(Sunny again)

Take my raincoat off, it's sunny again

I feel okay

We feel okay, YEAH!!!